Build Massive Arms: Arnold’s Killer Arm Routine

When you think of a great pair of arms, Arnold more than likely comes to mind.

Some would say that Arnold had the best biceps in history.

But how do you build arms like Arnold?

Well, he spilled the beans and gave us readers his routine for building massive arms.

Check it out below:

Arnold’s Bicep Routine:

Cheating barbell curls5-88-12
Incline dumbbell curls5-88-12
One-arm concentration curls510
Standing alternate dumbbell curls510

Arnold’s Pre-Contest Arm Routine:

Superset 1SetsReps
Incline dumbbell curls410
Tricep pushdowns410
Superset 2
Standing alternate dumbbell curls410
One-arm extensions410
Superset 3
Preacher curls410
Lying french presses410
Superset 4
Reverse tricep pushups410
Concentration curls410
Superset 5
Preacher reverse curls510-12
Barbell wrist curls510-12

Keep in mind, if you are new to training you definitely don’t want to be doing this routine every arm workout. This will cause overtraining.

What you should do instead is, try this routine once every few months just to shock the arms with the increase in volume.

Another good option would be to take some exercises and replace them with your current arm routine, this will allow you to experiment with different exercises so you can find out what works for your body!

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