Which Are The Best Lifting Straps For Weightlifting? Find out here!

Lifting straps can help you lift more weight, and that’s the goal at the end of the day.When searching for lifting straps, you’ll notice that there are just so many on the market that it can often be quite overwhelming to choose a pair.So we sent out our team of fitness experts to try and find the best weightlifting straps offered in 2018.

How exactly do weightlifting straps help?

Some lifters would argue that lifting straps are an essential tool for anyone involved in regular heavy weight training, especially if they are doing a lot of deadlifting.The main reason people use lifting straps is to help support their grip, usually when their pull strength is stronger than their grip strength. That way you will still be able to hit your muscles optimally, even if your grip gives out.So ultimately, the main goal of the strap is to help to overload and strengthen the muscles once grip has started to fatigue.

Weightlifting Straps Benefits:

  • You can use more weight
  • check Avoid grip fatigue during high repetition sets
  • check Increase maximal overload of the muscles
  • check Prevents risk of serious injury
  • check Prevents slippage

Weightlifting Straps Drawbacks:

  • Cannot be used for all lifts
  • You can sometimes become dependent on straps
  • Will need to add grip building exercises into your workouts

Lifting straps come in three types

You will notice when looking for straps, that they commonly come in three types. This includes the single-loop, lasso single-loop, and the figure 8 strap.Each of these straps have their pros and cons, as well as scenarios which they will be better suited for:

#1: Single-Loop/Speed Straps

This type of strap can be used for all types of lifting and is considered to be the easiest to “strap in” with.However, since it’s easier to use it offers the least amount of bar security. Bar security refers to how easily a barbell or dumbbell will be able to slip out of your hand when strapped in.This strap would be better suited towards Olympic Weightlifters as it allows for a quick release when doing certain exercises like the clean and jerk for example.

#2: Lasso Single-Loop Straps

These are the most common type of lifting straps, you will definitely see people at your local gym using them.The great thing about these straps is that they are very versatile and can be used for all sorts of exercises such as deadlifting and pull-ups.We definitely recommend this type of strap over the other two types, especially for newer lifters.

#3: Figure 8 Straps/Double Loop

This type of strap is not very common around your local gym but it does offer the best bar security compared to the other two strap styles.

The bad part about this strap is that it is also the least versatile so these straps are mainly used for deadlifting.

Common materials used for lifting straps

Lifting straps also come in a variety of materials, the two most common being nylon and leather. Leather straps will often be more expensive than nylon, but leather straps do have the benefit of being more comfortable and a bit more durable.The choice of material is really up to you, nylon straps will do just fine for most lifters.

Lifting Strap Reviews: Our Top Picks

Let’s take a closer look at some straps shall we.

#1: IronMind Strong-Enough Lifting Straps Review

IronMind lifting straps are backed by some of the best strongmen and weightlifters on the planet.The material used for these straps is nylon, which means they might be slightly uncomfortable the first few times you use them. Once they have been loosened up, they are definitely more than comfortable.When used on heavy weight, these straps won’t stretch at all when put under pressure. Your grip will feel solid and you won’t need to readjust your grip at all.Overall, good quality and they get the job done.


  • Used by some of the world’s strongest weightlifters
  • check Good quality and can withstand anything you dare to lift
  • check Reasonably priced


  • No padding on the wrist area

#2: Anvil Fitness Lifting Straps Review

Anvil provides some great quality straps, and this particular model is no different.The great thing about these straps are that they also feature a 5mm neoprene pad to help protect your palms from callusing and bruising.The length of the strap is 22 inches which means you will be able to wrap them around the bar 2-3 times allowing for a secure grip.Since these are lasso single-loop straps they can be used for a variety of different exercises.


  • Used by some of the world’s strongest weightlifters
  • check Good quality and can withstand anything you dare to lift
  • check Reasonably priced


  • No padding on the wrist area

#3: IronMind Sew-Easy Lifting Straps Review

IronMind makes it on to the list again, but this time for their single-loop lifting straps.These straps have the quick release feature, which provides an added benefit of safety on certain exercises such as the clean & jerk or snatch.These quick release straps are easy to use and are constructed from the same tough nylon as the Strong-Enough straps.


  • Used by some of the world’s strongest weightlifters
  • check Good quality and can withstand anything you dare to lift
  • check Reasonably priced


  • No padding on the wrist area

How do you use weightlifting straps?

Seems simple enough, but sometimes lifters use straps incorrectly.In the video below Brian Shaw, 3 x World’s Strongest Man teaches you how to use lifting straps correctly:

Should you use weightlifting straps all the time?

The short answer is no.What you should do instead is Work without straps until your grip begins to fail or limit your technique, and then use them to finish your work.This brings us to our next point..If you use straps on a consistent basis, make sure you add in forearm exercises too. This will help to maintain and build up your grip strength.Also, be logical with what exercises you use them on. I have seen people use lifting straps on dumbbell chest press for example, and that has a huge potential to go wrong (think torn rotator cuff or even worse).

The main exercises most people will use straps on include:

  • Dumbbell or barbell rows
  • Shrugs
  • Deadlifts
  • Rack pulls


Lifting straps can be a great tool to use to help build strength and overload the muscles.Hopefully you now have a better idea of which straps to look out instead of the tons of low quality straps available out there.Our top choices would be either the IronMind Strong-Enough straps.

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